Life with kids and busy schedules, easy and healthy breakfast and lunches can be a challenge.

Historically, breakfast around our house consisted of yogurt and granola or a bowl of cereal with fruit, but since we have the most amazing pork available, we’ve learned new ways to dress up ‘ol staples and present them in kid-friendly ways.

A couple of ideas include…

• Breakfast Sausage patties paired with Oatmeal (we like to add: cinnamon, honey or agave to sweeten with a nut, chia seeds and raisins or cherries)
• Farm-fresh Bacon pieces on Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich (pictured above)
• Scrambled Egg & Ground Pork Sausage in a soft shell wrap (alternately, you can use a gluten-free wrap too). We like to eat it with sour cream and salsa on the side.
• Make your own “Pork Helper” using Organic White Shells Mac and Cheese, ground Pork Sausage and finely chopped broccoli.