About Jackson Station Livestock

A small-scale family farm business located in Leelanau County, focused on raising premium meats, including: Pork, Beef, Chicken, Goat for meat and free-range eggs. 

tractor pulled chicken coop forage forest rotational graze

The Land

We practice rotational grazing for the health of the animals and improvement of the soil. The pastures are a mixture of hardwood forests, pine plantations, and newly established clearings. In our new pastures we have planted a polyculture of pasture seeds and feed seeds. 

The Animals

Our animals always enjoy fresh air and fresh water in their pastures. In addition to Hay and Pasture, our Livestock is fed non-GMO feed, grown locally at Hall Farms in Long Lake Twp. 

The pigs have access to local hay, which they eat and make beds in. The Mangalitsa- Large Black crosses are bred and raised right here on the farm (historically referred to as “farrow to finish.”) They are a hardy animal, a great choice for our Northern Michigan climate, plus they enjoy making their beds in the shade of our natural forest.

Our chickens are moved about in a large skidable hen house and protected with a net of electric fencing to free range within.

We have a growing herd of Cattle, including the breeding stock. A few of our sows have had calves on the farm this year! They also enjoy the company of the pigs and chickens.

A newer addition to the farm in 2021 was the herd of Goats! We plan to keep some of them for “petting animals” for farm visitors to enjoy petting and feeding, while others are raised to become premium Goat meat.  




Packed with nutrition and full of flavor, purchase our delicious, farm fresh, NON-GMO eggs. 

Eggs for sale at: 
Jackson Station North: 6101 N Manitou Trail, Northport, MI

or by texting: (517)518-1961 for pickup at Jackson Station farm in Maple City.


Now offering premium goat meat for sale. Inquire about cuts and availability. 



All natural, NON-GMO

The most delicious chicken is available for sale, fresh or frozen, only a couple of times a year. 



Available in Beef Boxes

We raise premium beef, both pastured on grass and farm veggies, supplemented with locally raised non-GMO grain. Limited quantity available. Claim yours!



Available by:

•Pre-order 1/2 or Whole Hogs •Pork Boxes 

Pork Boxes

Pasture raised, these forest foragers are raised in open air, fed locally grown hay, all natural feed and get tons of fresh food and veggies.

Fill out the order form to secure your half or whole hog.

pickup shed at Jackson Station farm
evening light on treeline from Jackson Station farm
sandwich wood sign at road marking Jackson Station property
mangalista large black cross pig up close
child holding a young chicken on the farm
whole all natural packaged farm fresh chicken from Jackson Station

Eat local.

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