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Purchase our premium proteins for sale, raised with love at Jackson Station’s farm in beautiful Leelanau County, MI


December 7th, 2022 is the last day to reserve your 1/2 or Whole hog this season!

SAVE $ when you order this way! USDA Processed with RRR. $3.45/lb hanging weight plus the butcher fee. The average hanging weight is 200lbs per whole hog which ends up being about 130 lbs of individually packaged pork. Enjoy delicious, locally raised meat for the holidays and into the 2023 year. 

Thanks for your support and being a part of a small, local sustainable farm in your community.

If you have any questions, or want to get some individually packaged products now, please text/call Jackson (517)518-1961 or send us an email.

The best meat for the holidays – Get your Beef and Pork variety boxes delivered to your doorstep now! 


For your convenience, we are working to launch an online eCommerce shop for easier ordering!

cooler filled with variety of pork products from farm
father and son harvesting potatoes
Easter Dinner platted ham, green beans, sweet potatoes
cooked bacon on baking sheet
radishes on cutting board up close
parted whole farm fresh chicken on weber grill with rub
fresh meat on platter
farm fresh brown eggs up close on drying mat
pulled pork sandwich plated