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Get premium meat, farm fresh eggs and seasonal vegetables grown at Jackson Station farm in beautiful Leelanau County, MI




This year we grew Kale, Lettuce, Peas, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Basil and flowers that were sold via roadide stands or on select farm pickup days.


Free range, NON-GMO. $5/dozen for nutritionally rich, flavorful, farm fresh eggs.

Roadside stand purchases are currently available just north of Leland, at: Jackson Station North: 6101 N Manitou Trail, Northport, MI

Pickup at Jackson Station (2150 W School Lake Rd, Maple City) is CLOSED FOR THE SEASON.

We raise delicious NON-GMO, pastured chicken. But hurry! We are raising one more small batch of meat chickens for the 2020 season.

Pre-order Jackson Station’s delicious, all natural, chicken and stay tuned for one last pickup time TBD in October. 

Use the order form below to submit a request NOW!  

Pre-order your share of a 1/2 or Whole hog for 2021 season. USDA processed with custom butchering options. Multiple butcher dates available from early Summer to Fall. (See the form below to order).

fresh peas in pint containers up close
whole all natural packaged farm fresh chicken from Jackson Station
farm fresh brown eggs up close on drying mat
harvesting fresh peas in the morning light
little boy running down garden rows

**The above pricing does not include slaughter and processing fee**

Easter Dinner platted ham, green beans, sweet potatoes
Easter Dinner platted ham, green beans, sweet potatoes
pulled pork sandwich plated
radishes on cutting board up close
cooked bacon on baking sheet
farm fresh brown eggs up close on drying mat